More Deliveries

Just a quick delivery update: about 10 lbs. of produce delivered on Friday (8/20) [many tomatoes, a zucchini, some roots, some peppers, and some squash], and about 7 lbs. of produce delivered today (8/23) [mostly tomatoes, but a few small heads of broccoli too].

Responsibility for the garden will also be transitioning shortly for the coming school semesters, so look out for new ideas and new posts. More info to come.




Hey ┬áthere. Summers coming to a close, but the garden is still truckin’. I made the largest delivery of the summer Monday (8/16) and took some pictures of the haul (probably around 25ish lbs.), as well as of the garden proper. Take a look.

Today (8/18) I also made a delivery to Chartwells of about 8 lbs: an eggplant, pepper, many tomatoes, and 1/4 bag of basil.

Good stuff.

Past Delivery


Went out of town for a bit, but before I left (8/9) I dropped about 10 lbs. of produce with Chartwells (2 zucchini, 2 squash, couple of small broccoli heads, many tomatoes, and a 1/4 bag of basil).

Also, while I was out, there was another delivery of 3 squash, 1 zucchini, lots of tomatoes, and several peppers: about 10 lbs.

Haven’t seen the garden for almost a week, so I’ll give an update [with pictures] very soon.


More Garden News

Delivered about 15 lbs. of produce today to Smith Hall: 2 zucchinis, 2 squash, 1//4 bag of basil, a few peppers, and many many tomatoes of various sizes. And it continues.

Also, some bad news. Some of the tomato plants of the garden have been infected with blight. I’ve lost about half the tomatoes that have matured so far and am looking into possible solutions. Any suggestions??

More news in the future.


Big Ole’ Photo Update

Here’s the progress. Photos are from today (7/29).

Another bunch of produce should be ready to go in the coming days. Look forward to that.

More Drop-Off News

7/26 I dropped off 4 zucchini of various sizes (maybe 5-6 lbs.), two beets, 2 squash (maybe 2 lbs.), and a 1/4 a grocery bag of basil. Tomatoes will be coming soon enough.

Also, missed the bi-weekly update…oops…expect more pictures this week!

Switching it up.

Slight news: Made some calls to Chartwells today and we will now be delivering produce to Smith whenever we see that it’s ready to go as opposed to having someone from Chartwells come out and get it when we call/email them. This will allow us to get produce to them faster and will make sure nothing gets wasted from pickup lags.

And out.